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Atlanta Painting Contractors

Lawrenceville Painting Contractors you can Trust. 

GPC Renovations are your optimum choice for Atlanta Painting Contractors that has it’s home base right here in the Metro Atlanta area.

Commercial and Residential, exterior & interior painting as well as drywall hanging and finishing. If you need a licensed & Insured Residential or Commercial Atlanta Painter, please contact the professional painters at GPC Renovations today.

We bring our customers the experience that you expect and the respect that you deserve as our client. At GPC Renovations, our customers first always come first. Atlanta Painting Contractors you can trust backed by quality work and other customers testimonials.

Also, check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Vocal References. We guarantee our work and provide a 5-year warranty on materials.


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How much do painting contractors charge?
As a painting contractor in Atlanta Ga, we get asked this question all the time. The cost varies from job to job. Many variables apply such as height, size, exterior, interior, new home,existing, colors, condition of walls, condition of wood as well as grade of products that will be used. Our Atlanta painting contractors have very competitive pricing, provide an excellent finished product, are  insured and professional with your best interest in mind backed by our guarantee.
Should house painters be insured?

Yes! House painters should absolutely be insured with both workers compensation and general liability insurance to protect you from being liable for any injuries suffered on the job as well as liability coverage for tor any damage that may gave been done to your or your neighbors property. The Georgia courts are full of cases that involve these type claims involving contractors that have no insurance coverage.

How much does professional interior painting cost?

The cost to paint the interior of your home will depend on how many walls, ceilings, and trim you are planning to have painted. The next factor is the amount of paint needed and the type of paint. They type of paint (of finish) depends on the room or area that you’re having painted. Here are some examples:

  • Flat paint, while it hides imperfections in the drywall (or sometimes referred to as sheetrock), it is not an easy finish to wash or clean and therefore shouldn’t be used in a high traffic area, such as entry way. It is often used for painting ceilings.
  • Gloss or High Gloss, the opposite of the Flat finish paint, it doesn’t hide imperfections in the wall while in fact, it can draw attention to the flaws, however, it is easy to clean and is often recommend for both bathrooms , kitchens, mudrooms, baseboards, and trim or molding, which get the most dirt, grease, and grime.
  • The middle of the previously mentioned finishes would be the Satin finish. It will hide some imperfections but is also easily cleaned. The Satin finish is recommended for bedroom walls and other low track area walls.
How much do painters charge for exterior painting?

As Atlanta painting contractors, we get to see a variety of homes as well as all of weather conditions associated with the full four seasons we enjoy here in Atlanta Georgia. Cost depends on surface to be painted, condition of that surface and quality of paint chosen. A good measure of cost is around $1.50 per square foot.

How much does professional deck staining cost?

Once again there is not a flat price to post because each client has different needs and wishes.In addition, the size of the deck or porch, the amount of stain needed, and the quality of the stain that you choose.

What is the difference between commercial painting and industrial painting?

The basic answer to this question is that commercial painters primary work in business or commercial building these maybe office buildings, strip malls, and a variety of other retail, manufacturing. Some commercial painting projects are for new construction, and therefore we have to collaborate with other contractors such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers and more. ,

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